Introduction to Philosophy

Introduction to Philosophy

Written Assignment #1

This Written Assignment includes three questions. Notice that each question includes multiple parts. Be sure to answer all parts of each question.

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For every question you answer, you are to write at least 250 words. At the end of each answer, indicate how many words you have written in it by including “Word Count: 250.” Insert the correct number of words you have written.

For every question you answer, you must include at least one citation from the PowerPoint slides and at least one citation from the textbook. Be sure to cite sources within the text and at the end of your assignment in a “Works Cited” section or bibliography. (By citing these sources, you demonstrate that you have listened to the PowerPoint slides fully and read the assigned sections in the textbook completely.) If you use other sources, you must cite them within the text and at the end of your assignment.

Please cite the sources as follows:

When citing the Textbook:

(Solomon, 12th ed., 55)

which means the textbook, 12th edition, and page 55.

When citing the PowerPoint Lecture:

(Allen, Reality 3 of 4 Immaterialism 3:14)

which means PowerPoint by Allen on Reality. It is the 3rd of 4 lectures, titled Immaterialism. Your quote can be found at 3 minute 14 seconds in the PowerPoint presentation.

At the end of your assignment, include a Works Cited page with an entry for the PowerPoint files and an entry for the textbook:

Allen, Dean. PowerPoint files.

Solomon, Robert C., Kathleen M. Higgins, and Clancy Martin, eds., Introducing Philosophy: A Text with Integrated Readings, 12th ed., Oxford University Press, 2021.

While you will cite other sources, the work should be entirely your own. You are on your honor to submit your own work. Follow all instructions for written assignments given in the syllabus.

Submit the assignment by the due date given in the Course Calendar.

·Question One – As we considered the issue of religion in this course, we learned about different views of religion among philosophers. Describe rational and non-rational views of religion we covered in this course. What are the differences between them? Which do you find most convincing? Why?

·Question Two – We considered a number of philosophers’ views of reality. Reflecting on the material we covered in this course, describe theories about the nature of reality that are materialist and those that are non-materialist. Which type of theory (material or non-material) do you find most convincing? Why?

·Question Three – What is epistemology? Explain the main points of rationalism and empiricism as we discussed them in this course. What difficulties are associated with them? Which do you find most convincing (rationalism or empiricism)? Why?