Investment Management: Rational and Irrational Markets

You are encouraged to use Bloomberg Financial Database but you can also use publicly available financial
database sources such as Yahoo finance and Google finance. Similarly, you can use Bloomberg portfolio
analysis tools or make analysis through calculations in MS Excel.
In your final investment report, you are required to address the following:
1. Discuss your investment philosophy. Demonstrate how your asset allocation decisions match with
your investor profiling. Forecast the market and discuss what assumptions you made in your market
forecasting analysis. Discuss how it differs from your investment five years ago.

2. Reflect upon your rebalancing strategies. In this section, you should highlight why you bought, held or
sold your shares and whether the rebalancing changed the nature of your portfolio. Your rebalancing
strategies should be supported by relevant investment theories and assets pricing models.
Additionally, you are required to identify relevant behavioural biases and explain your own
irrationalities observed during construction and management of the equity investment portfolio. This
should be strongly underpinned by academic literature.

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3. Evaluate your portfolio’s risk-adjusted absolute and relative performance. You should also explain the
performance difference between your portfolio and the given benchmark(s) using techniques such as
attribution analysis and tracking error. Additionally, you should link and evaluate your strategies,
including active and passive, results and risk taking decisions with your investment philosophy. Your
discussion should be supported by relevant theories and academic literature.


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