ITESM Regulating Financial Intermediaries Presentation

ITESM Regulating Financial Intermediaries Presentation

Financial Regulation

The assignment is a 4 pages in length paper, a 3-4 slides presentation, and a presenter note for the 3 minutes presentation. The following are detailed info:

Part One: The Paper:

Explain 3 (three) concepts from textbook about Financial Regulation. The paper should be about some impactful ideas, insights, or concepts from the readings. They need not be thematic essays, but they can be.

Format: It should be 4 pages in length, using font size 12, with one inch margins, or following APA guidelines.

Note: The Assignment should not be written in Twitter-speak, but rather should be written in complete sentences using graduate-school English.

Whether you take a direct citation or paraphrase, CITE what you used with page numbers. Example for in-text citation: (Eisner el al., 2018, p. 91).

The reading attached is chapter 5 from the textbook:

Eisner, M. A., Worsham, J., Ringquist, E. J., & Nestor, F. V. (2018). Contemporary regulatory policy (3rd ed.). Boulder, CO: Lynne Rienner.

Part Two: Presentation:

Present the paper with a presentation that should be a 4-slide (maximum) PowerPoint presentation, or a video presentation in some other format that does not exceed three (3) minutes.

Part Three: Presenter Note or Guideline: