Jason Blair Plagiarism Scandal Discussion


Evaluate the Jayson Blair plagiarism scandal from an ethical point of view. What role did digital technology play in this scandal, and how can such technology use be regulated? What guidelines can be put into place to prevent similar future incidents from happening?



Textbook: Practicing Convergence Journalism

Chapter 12; review Chapter 5

Article: ABC News Apologizes for ‘Serious Error’ in Trump Report and Suspends Brian Ross for Four Weeks
Read this Washington Post article about Brain Ross’s inaccurate 2017 report regarding President Trump. You should feel free to do additional research on your own on this topic that shows examples of plagiarism and fabrication in the news.

Article: Three CNN Journalists Resign Over Retracted Story on Trump Ally
This article details how an erroneous story about Anthony Scaramucci resulted in the resignation of three CNN-network employees.

Article: How to Manage Disruptive Innovation: Introducing the Innovation Matrix
This article describes how organizations can handle disruptive innovation by understanding the different types of innovation. It also details how certain combinations of innovation types require certain types of responses in order for an organization to be sustainable.

Website: NPR Ethics Handbook
Review this website that provides information about NPR’s ethics handbook. Note its application in online journalism and social media.Website: Associated Press Media Editors
Review this website that provides information about APME’s ethics policy.