Jeremy Johnson Incorporated A Consulting Rm Named Johnson S Consulting Ltd In De

Required: Part A – Prepare journal entries for the December transactions.

Jeremy records adjustments monthly. Adjustment data for the month of December is as follows:

Accrual of interest on bank loan (calculate on 31 days and round to nearest dollar)

Adjustment of prepaid rent

Computer equipment depreciation, using the straight-line method of depreciation

Supplies were counted on December 31and there was $540 of supplies remaining.

Salary for the Admin Assistant to the end of the month (5 days)

Required: Part B – Prepare all adjusting journal entries.

Required: Part C – Post all journal entries to T accounts

Required: Part D – Prepare an adjusted trial balance as at December 31 2017.

Required: Part E – Prepare an Income Statement, Statement of Changes in Equity and classified Statement of Financial Position for the Company’s bank to review.

Required Part F – Prepare the closing journal entries and post to T accounts.

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