journal article critique from attached list

Article summary and response: You may also write 2-3 page critiques of peer-

reviewed research full-text articles that pertain to child and adolescent

psychopathology and have been published (print or advanced online) since 2014. See

a partial list of journals on Canvas. These critiques should summarize the research

questions discussed in the article, the major findings, the scientific/clinical

importance of the article, how these findings relate to topics discussed in class/your

textbook, including your articulate reactions. You may paraphrase what the authors

wrote, but you may not copy what they wrote.

a. Format: Microsoft Word only (let me know if this will be a problem for you).

Use 12-point Times New Roman font, no more than 1-inch margins all around

the page, double line spaced, not shorter than two typewritten pages. Papers

shorter than two full pages will NOT be given credit.

b. Heading: Include your name and full APA citation of the article. Do not

include a title page.

c. Submit your critique and a full-text PDF of your article to me electronically

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