journal as diaries 1

Here is what has been said about the assignment in the syllabus :

“Journals is personal documentation of AD – 227 related information . The information can be from the class discussions , Videos , articles , textbook , slide lectures , and so forth. It should contain your thoughts issues related to the course only . You must enter two or more entries a week . DO NOT keeps your class notes in the journal , Take careful class notes on material covered in the lectures and in focus on terms , dates , titles , and periods of works”

To make it more simpler I want you to write 14 entries ( from week 7 to week 13) . Each entry should be written as a diary. “For example, you start it like ” in today’s class we talked about interesting artist. or I want to fill my diary with info that got my attention” It is like a free writing about the course and kinda based on the notes presented in the class. There is no specific limit for each entry, but 5-8 sentences is enough for each one.

The format of the journal should be as follows :

Week 7 :

Journal 1 (……) , Journal 2 (…….)




Week 13

Journal 1 (……) , Journal 2 (……)

I will attach a class notes which can help you to know what you write about. You have the choice to pick an artist or something you think it is interesting to fill out each diary.

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