Journal Response

Journal Response

I attached the Response and lined for the Journal.

Journal Response: Finegan

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Key course concepts: Prescriptivism & descriptivism

Before reading: Skim & Scan the document!

  1. Skim very quickly through the article. What are 5 key terms that Finegan frequently uses?
  2. Pick three words from your list that are unfamiliar to you. Look these up in a dictionary or translate them. In your own words, explain what they mean.

Take a closer look:

  1. Finegan uses many examples to help show his points. What punctuation does he use to show that some words/phrases are examples?
  2. Do you think that article is more formal than Morgan’s article, or less formal? Explain briefly and then complete the chart below.

Register Strategy

(Refer to “Tutorial 13” in LP)

Does this make it sound formal or informal? Example from the article of this strategy
(Find one example per strategy)

Interpreting the topic:

  1. In 3-5 sentences, summarize the main idea(s) that Finegan presents in this article. (Use your own words!)
  2. Which side do you agree with more: language prescriptivists or descriptivists? Briefly explain your position using a few examples (from any language) from your own life.

Recommended assignment length: 1.5-2 pages, double spaced