Karen had the following transactions for 2014:

1) Karen had the following transactions for


Salary                                                                            $  90,000

Moving expenses incurred to change jobs                                 $8,000

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Inheritance received from deceased uncle                             $300,000

Life insurance proceeds from policy on uncle’s life (Karen was

named the beneficiary)                                                 $200,000

Cash prize from church raffle                                                  $1,000

Payment of church pledge                                                      $3,000

What is Karen’s AGI for 2014?

2) Rocky has a full-time job as an electrical engineer for the city utility. In his spare time, Rocky repairs TVs in the basement of his personal residence. Most of his business comes from friends and referrals from former customers, although occasionally he runs an ad in the local suburban newspaper. Typically the TVs are dropped off at Rocky’s house and later picked up by the owner when notified that the repairs have been made.
The floor space of Rocky’s residence is 2,500 square feet, and he estimates that 20% of this is devoted exclusively to the repair business. Gross income from the business is $12,000, and expenses (other than home office) are $5,000. Expenses relating to the residence are as follows:
Real property taxes                                                                           $4,500
Interest on home mortgage                                                               $8,000
Operating expenses of residence                                                      $3,000
Depreciation (based on 20% business use)                                      $500
What is Rocky’s net income from the repair business?