laboratory experiments


Based on the experiments had carried out, you are required to write a separate report on

the following Experiments:

Experiment 1: The Direct Current Motor

Experiment 2: The DC Separately Excited Shunt Generator

Each lab will have separate report. (Each with 350 words)

You are instructed to follow the following report structure for each experiment.

– Introduction(Maximum 100 words)

  • About the topic
  • Parts and pictures
  • Operating, how it is operated

– Experiment result(Has been uploaded)

– Discussion (Maximum 150 words)

  • What you see
  • What you understand
  • Relationship between

– Conclusion (Maximum 100 words)

  • Overview, summary

*** Word count: 700 words (350 words for each experiment)

*** Attachments of the experiments has been uploaded

*** Add pictures to the report

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