Lack of Balance Between Wealth and Poverty Discussion

Lack of Balance Between Wealth and Poverty Discussion


Instructions: Please read the instructions carefully and contact me if you have any questions prior to submitting your work. After reading the chapter and reviewing the PowerPoint and supplemental readings on the course site, you should complete the following tasks:

Answer the questions below. Your responses should be about one, 5 to 7 sentence, paragraph per question set (meaning numbers 1,2,3, etc should be about one paragraph in length.) Your responses should demonstrate a clear engagement and understanding of the course material, critical application of the sociological concepts/theory and should include clear grammar and sentence structure. Please review the assignment rubric under ‘Course Resources’ for clearer indication of grading distribution and let me know if you have any questions/concerns.

Simmel defines fashion as a ‘duality’ in which people attempt to be different, but in this attempt, actually become more similar (the duality of conformity and differentiation). How do you feel that fashion serves to differentiate between the classes? In other words, what role does fashion have in categorizing people by classes? What is the relationship between fashion and the lower classes? The upper classes? What is your relationship with fashion? Have you ever participated in ‘conspicuous consumption’ or know of someone who has? In your opinion what are some of the positives and negatives of this social phenomenon? Is materialism a good thing or a bad thing for societies? (Use one sociological theory in your response to support your answer)

Describe factors at the (a) micro, (b) meso, and (c) macro levels that impact your ability to move up the social class ladder. Which one do you feel has the most impact and why? What evidence can you find that supports your claims? (Include at least one source) Watch the following Netflix episode of Explained and answer the following questions; Please use two examples from the film to support your answers. Video: Click Here (Links to an external site.) How is the perpetuation of the growing wealth/poverty gap in the United States a systemic issue weaved into our social fabric and maintained through hegemonic (dominant) ideologies (i.e. racism, white supremacy, patriarchy, etc.)? Explain why and in what ways wealth and poverty are caused by laws, policies, and social structure, rather than by individual traits, such as hard work.

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Citation Style: APA 7th edition

REQUIREMENT: 2 pages / 550 words (Double spacing)

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