leadership in action paper assignment

Each student will individually conduct an interview with a RCSM services manager or administrator (this does not include managers of restaurants, movie theaters, apparel or equipment stores, your family’s businesses, or similar). Also, the person you interview cannot be a current student and they cannot be running their own one- or two-person business. Present your findings in a three page paper according to the guidelines below. Check with Dr. Rogers if you want consideration for a potential interviewee in any of these categories.

The purpose of this “Leadership in Action” paper is to have you talk with a current practitioner and learn their perspectives, practices and experiences about leadership and ethics in their role(s) at the agency/organization. It is also intended to reinforce your academic exposure to leadership and ethics by learning about practical applications and ethical challenges leaders face in the field. Finally, this assignment will serve as a way for you to reflect on your own leadership and ethical principles and consider what more you need to know and understand as you prepare for your career in RCSM.

  • Read the ethical guidelines provided on Blackboard for this assignment that correspond to the area you are pursuing professionally. Use these guidelines when developing your questions for the interview. Bring a copy of the guidelines with you to the interview to share with the person you interview. You may consider sending it to them via email ahead of the interview.
  • Make an appointment and conduct an in-person interview with a management-level professional in your field. They can be an area Supervisor up through an upper level Administrator. The interview cannot be done through any electronic means. It must be face-to-face.
  • Prepare to discuss with them the code of ethical conduct within the profession and how it has applications in their specific practice. Ask them for specific examples of how they have applied these principles and how it influences their leadership approach. See assignment description above.
  • Take thorough notes of the interview. You may want to record it if the person you interview gives permission. Write a minimum three page paper that summarizes the interview, provides your thoughts about the professional’s interpretation of the ethical guidelines, how it relates to their leadership role, and what you learned about their application and interpretations of ethics in their work.
  • Conclude the paper with what you learned from this experience and how it may impact your ethical development as a future manager.
  • On the cover sheet of the paper, provide your name, the name of the person you interviewed, their agency, where it is located, the date of the interview, and the Code of Ethics that you used for reference.

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