Leadership learnings and experience


Reflect on the leadership learnings and experiences in your life to write a personal leadership story and learning plan. Reflecting upon life experiences from birth to the present day, you will create a leadership life story. Consider the ways in which various people, events, experiences, and opportunities have impacted the way you think about leadership to date. What does your leadership future hold? What steps and new experiences should you engage to achieve that leadership future?
Use the following questions to remember and reflect on the foundational and growing experiences that create your story and learning plan.
• What is your first memory of a “leadership” experience?
• What is your earliest memory of a leader?
• What leadership roles (positional and non-positional) did you play in your family, in your community, in school, sports, or clubs and organizations, in spiritual or religious communities?
• Who encouraged or discouraged you to develop and practice your leadership skills? How did they do this?
• Do you consider yourself a leader? A change agent? Why or why not?
• What labels or titles do you self-identify with?
• How has your perspective of leadership changed over time? What events sparked changes in your leadership perspectives?
• What leadership lessons have you learned from these experiences?
• What images come to mind when you think of leadership qualities? Which qualities do you believe to be most important?
• What is your personal vision in life?
• What specific goals do you have to reach your vision?
• When reflecting on your leadership story, what stands out most to you?
• What does your leadership future hold?
• How do you hope to impact your community in the future?
• What steps and new experiences should you engage to achieve that leadership future?
• What about leadership specifically do you think would help you be successful in accomplishing your vision for the future?
• How are you hoping to learn about leadership and any skills you seek to learn?
• How do you think you will be able to practice your leadership?

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