Leadership Research Paper


eadership Research Paper Instructions.


Prepare a five paragraph essay based on the Industry leader Sara Blakely written in APA guidelines format. The 5 Paragraph Essay layout has to have:

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  • Introduction, Thesis, Body and ConclusionParagraph Start  broad then  narrow  the  scope  down  to  the thesis  statement. Restate Thesis Conclusion paragraph– Restate  your  thesis  and  then move  towards  broad  terms. Your thesis  statement  should  be  clear,  concise,  and  1  sentence.   (For example: Sara Blakely  was  a very  effective leader  as  shown by  Point  #1,  Point  #2,  Point  #3. Your “points”  come  from each of  your  selected. APA Format and Style Checklist


  • Step 1: For  this  assignment  you  will  use  the  Full  Sail  University library  to  access  EBSCOhost,  Lexis Nexis,  trade  journals  or  other  publications  or  other  available  library  resources  to conduct  research .   You  can  also  use  Google  or  other  search engines  to  locate  appropriate  articles.  Locate  a  minimum  of  four articles  related  to a  Sara Blakely (Spanx creator) . The  articles  should all  relate  to  leadership  and  justify  your  choice.  This  will  provide  the  basis  for  applying  your  formal research. As  always,  be  sure  to  provide  proper  citation  for  each  of  your  sources.


Examples: Credibility, Integrity, Influence,Trials and  triumphs  that  tested  the  leader Impact of  an  event  in  the  leader’s  external  environment, (government  regulation,  natural  disaster,  politics,  etc)

  • Step 2:Complete the Entertainment  Leader Project  worksheets (the other  asset  on  the  platform  with  this  assignment)  using  the research  gained  from  step  1  above.


  • Step 3: Prepare  a  five paragraph  essay  based  on  the  research  you have completed,  written  following  APA  guidelines. Format: The Entertainment  Leader  Project  must  follow  these  formatting  guidelines. Written  in  APA.


Extra help on How to Formulate a Thesis Statement below:


You  have  found  four  articles  written  about  your  chosen Leader. You  will  use  these  to develop  a  strong  thesis  (introduction),  argument  (body),  and  summary  (conclusion).


The  opening  paragraph  or  introduction  of  the  paper  will  state  your  paper’s  thesis.


The  thesis  statement  should  be  one  sentence  long. Incorporate  a  key

word  or  two  that  describes  and  clearly  defines  each  of  the  traits.  This is  your  thesis  statement.