Leadership Styles and Philosophies Discussion

Leadership Styles and Philosophies Discussion

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week materials:


Part 1:

Discussion: Case Study #3

based on your readings and the video lectures answer each of the questions/prompts below with 2 paragraphs using concepts from the text or your own research (be sure to cite correctly).

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  • Is TOMS concept just self-serving so they can say they help people when it is really the customers who are providing the mechanism for them to take credit for doing good?
  • Are there ethical problem with this?

Part 2:

Reflection Paper #3

For Reflection Paper #3

Complete 4.2 Leadership Style Questionnaire” in Introduction to Leadership textbook (p.93-94).

The reflection papers should articulate your impressions of the course material. The papers should be in the vicinity of one (1) page single-space (12 font size & 1-inch margins).

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  • Explain the leadership styles and philosophies?
  • Discuss how your score from the Leadership Style Questionnaire aligns with the material in these chapters and whether you think this questionnaire is an accurate assessment of your view of leadership.