Legal and Ethical Behaviors and Promoting Ethics in Organizations

Legal and Ethical Behaviors and Promoting Ethics in Organizations

Prepare brief, but clear written responses on the following Factual Review Questions:

As much as possible, relate them to the construction environment:

  1. a) Factual Review Questions 3 and 11 in Chapter 4 on page 62.
  2. b) Factual Review Questions 2 and 6 in Chapter 20 on page 362.
  3. c) Factual Review Questions 5 and 7 in Chapter 18 on pages 321.


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  1. i) Process Capability (See Page 318 of Goetsch and Davis Chap. 18)

Formulas: (Do not use a d2 factor)

Cp = (USL – LSL)/6 σ Note that σ is the standard deviation. USL and LSL are the customer’s specification limits.

Cpk is calculated in 2 ways:

Cpk = (USL – Xdouble bar)/ 3 σ Note that X double bar is the process mean

Cpk = (X double bar – LSL)/ 3 σ

Customers of Don Corleone Pizza have specified that family sized pizza crusts they order should be 28 to 32 centimeters in diameter. Sample data recently collected indicate that the crusts average 30 centimeters in diameter, with an estimated standard deviation σ of 0.5 centimeters .

  • Calculate the Cp index to determine if Don Corleone’s pizza crust production system is capable of meeting its customers’ requirements. Briefly explain your findings

(ii) Suppose that a new operator produces pizza crusts with a process average of 30.6 centimeters instead of 30 centimeters. Calculate the Cpk twice. How capable is the system capable of meeting its customers’ requirements? If not, what options does Don Corleone have to rectify the situation?