lesson plan template


Final Exam

Create a 3 day learning (lesson) unit within your content area. Each day should feature explicit instruction around literacy (reading, writing, speaking, listening, and or using standard English appropriately).

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Be sure to follow the lesson plan template provided in class; provide 3 separate lessons (but each is a part of a the same 3 lesson unit) Components of the lesson plan should include the following: o Schemata

o Pre assessment prior to the start of class
o Warm up (where no instruction should take place but is an activity to get

students excited/invested in what they are going to learn)
o Content related terms
o Procedure that reflects differentiated instruction (for readers with high,

middle, and low proficiencies)
o Procedures that reflect various learning styles (kinesthetic, auditory, and

visual) o Closure

o Post assessment (some way to ensure that students learned what you taught)

o Relevant Common Core Standards/College and Career Readiness Standards Remember that reading strategies, that enhance formal literacy acquisition, should be evident within each lesson

o See professional development presentations for ideas about literacy strategies and topics to address