letter to a client

his is what my teacher said when I sent her my letter

“Your analysis needs a lot of work. You have some correct pieces in there, but you don’t analyze the code for their situation. You need to use the facts to determine the answer. Right now, it is incorrect. But if you analyze it, I’m sure you can come to the correct conclusion.”

I have also talked to few of my fellow students and they said that they took the side that donation is not deductible. So we need to provide more evidence that what IRS says about this and provide evidence that donation of this kind is not deductible. Also, based on the case I was reading, I read that it may not be deductible. Now, we need to prove our point that donation of this kind to fire department is not deductible and may be present our prove by providing some numbers and facts and what the rule is based what IRS says. Not analyzing the regulation I sent you or court case. That was just to help understanding but we need to provide facts that it is not deductible based on actual facts as you can read what the teacher said. Thank you so much for your help. if you want I can transfer more money to you. I am willing to pay another $20 to you. Thank you so much

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