linkedin project

Principles of Marketing LinkedIn Project

Your LinkedIn profile is a great way to make professional connections and can also be used
sometimes to apply for jobs. If you are applying for professional jobs, then you should know that
70% of employers will use social media to screen candidates (CareerBuilder, 2018). This project
is designed to help you apply the concepts learned in this class to marketing yourself on the job market.

The job (target market)

1) You are responsible for developing a profile that will help you land an internship/job in line with your major/career interests

    • You will need to include a copy of the job listed (screenshot and include at the beginning of the first part) of the job/internship posting
    • Include a screenshot of the company’s mission statement or “about us” page

    2) The SWOT Analysis: do a SWOT analysis for you and this potential job. (2-3 sentences for EACH S, W, O, T)

  • Strengths – List at least 6 strengths that you have for this job and describe how they make you a good fit.
  • Weaknesses – List at least 2 weaknesses that you have for this job AND for each, a remedy/explanation.
  • Opportunities – The job is the opportunity, so list at least 3 ways that this internship/job would allow you to gain valuable experience and move you closer to a career that you are interested in. Show understanding of how your ambition meets their capabilities/needs.
  • Threats – Describe (2-4) sentences one OUTSIDE environmental force that could pose a threat to you in this internship/job. Explain why/how this is true.
    • Examples of threats: Automation, increased reliance on computers, potential economic downturn,
    • List of top business threats. davos/
  • 3) Give a positioning statement for this job. How are you going to convince a recruiter/interviewer that you are the best candidate for this internship, job? (4-6 sentences that talk about how your S, W, O are a match for that company’s culture). Tips for positioning statement: statements/

LinkedIn Profile

When it’s completed, please print your profile to PDF. Make sure that “Show more” for all applicable sections. This profile needs to market you for a specific position playing up your strengths and will need the following components:

4) A professional photo

  • Note: This doesn’t need to be taken by a professional, it just needs to make you look professional (i.e. wear a nice suit, style your hair, pose in a way that makes you look like a pleasant person to be around). Look at examples of LinkedIn profile photos for guidance.

5) Work experience:

  • List your jobs
  • For each job, list your duties (at least 3) Each duty should be described with a strong action verb and draw on relevant top keywords in your field

6) Education:

  • List your school(s)
  • Under each school put relevant activities and courses to your job
  • Use the “action verb>keywords” format to describe class assignments/extracurricular activities that helped you develop relevant experiences to the job
  • Volunteer experiences (optional but recommended if you have them)
  • Skills

7) Volunteer experiences (optional but recommended if you have them)

List your volunteer activities: Use the “action verb>keywords” format to describe relevant experiences.

8) Skills

  • a. List at least 10 skills, relevant to your field of interest

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