Literature Analysis (Elements of a Short Story) (Example)

Literature Analysis (Elements of a Short Story) (Example)

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Name Professor Course Date The Most Dangerous Game The most dangerous game is a short story of American hunter Sanger Rainsford falls off a yacht and swum to the isolated island manned by a Russian aristocrat Zaroff who gave people little chances of surviving the island. While Rainsford was on the island Zaroff initially seemed to be a good host though these changes as started luring people to his island and hunt them to death once there. Rainsford was to go through the same act of human hunting; however his skills enabled him to mean.” This shows that he was in disbelieve that such action is possible. The short story elements used here sum up to the theme and title of the story “The Most Dangerous Game” conflict of taking life experienced by Rainsford shows how this manhunt game is dangerous the setting and characterization also signify that danger of the game reflect the American and Russian ever existing conflict. Conclusively the story author understands how the stylistic element builds a story to raise the intended theme. Work cited Connell Richard. The Most Dangerous Game. Simon and Schuster 2014. []

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Use the story The Dangerous Game by Richard Connell. Consider the elements of a short story you learned about in unit 1 (plot, climax, resolution, conflict, characterization, setting, mood), and write a 3-5 paragraph analysis of the story. An analysis encourages you to think about the author’s choices and the significance of these choices (how and why the work was written). Be sure to address specifically how these elements directly impact the overall meaning and theme of the short story. Please save as a Word(.doc) document and submit as an attachment below.

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