literature analysis paper 

literature analysis paper

For your second paper, please write 5 pages (double-spaced) and focus on one work

primarily in your analysis. Please don’t use secondary sources; this is about developing

your analysis and thought process.

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Below are some prompts to consider, but please feel free to come up with your own

idea or some variation of what you find here; just come and talk to me first.


1. Time Crunch- Many of the works that we have read manipulate time in telling

ways in order to construct their narrative and connect to a larger whole, whether

in the relationship between individual narrative, generations, and large swaths of

time (Genesis, Histories) or in the active play with time to tell a story (Odyssey,

Sappho, Song of Solomon). Pick a work, or even a character within the work, and

analyze how time and change affect our understanding of it.


2. Who are You?- Establishing identity, recognizing another, and seeking to belong

are constant features in the works that we have read. You might look at narratives

of testing, disguise, and identity in the Odyssey or Genesis, playing with voices in

Song of Solomon, or cultural ties that bind in the Histories. Consider how issues

of identity and belonging inform one of the works that we have read.


3. I Think, Therefore I Want- Desire informs much of what we have read, whether

it be desire for material riches, for happiness, for understanding, for erotic

fulfillment. Consider how desire plays a part in one of the works we have read,

perhaps the relationship between knowledge and desire (Genesis), the natural

world and desire (Song of Solomon), or political and individual desires