Literature Final. All information in the attached document. (Example)

Literature Final. All information in the attached document. (Example)

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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Code Submission Date Comparative Literature Question 1 Pankraz the Sulker by Keller and Rip van Winkle by Irving Parallels They both describe the village life typically set in a traditional environment Difference Focuses on the revolution and change (Irving) Focuses on general life and happiness (Wölcken 330) High Forest by Stifler and A village of Romeo and Juliet by Keller Parallels They both talk about love and the impossibility that lies in its future. Differences Focus on moral and immoral (Keller) His works focuses on the beauty of nature and suffering (Stifler) Clothes Make the Man by Keller and High Forest by Stifler Parallels They both show the implications of social perceptions Difference Focuses on illusions and Truths (Keller) focuses on cruelty and gaining control over the world one is in. A Village of Romeo and Juliet by Keller and Clothes Make the Man as one who has imitated someone else’s story but rather one who has the retold the story written in the past in the light of current issues affecting the people. He describes it as being compelled to write by the social issues that have overtime piled up. The reader has already been prepared for the story to come and the anticipation and twists of events makes the book more interesting and captivating (Puknat 250). The book is a blend of familiar and new ideas put together to create a new reality altogether. Works Cited Irving Washington. Rip Van Winkle and Other Sketches. Useful knowledge publishing Company 1882. Puknat E. M. and S. B. Puknat. “Edith Wharton and Gottfried Keller.” Comparative Literature 21.3 (1969): 245-254. Wölcken Fritz. “Gottfried Keller’s” Pankraz der Schmoller”.” The Modern Language Review 30.3 (1935): 324-333. Ruppel Richard R. Gottfried Keller and his critics: a case study in scholarly criticism. Camden House 1998. []

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