macbeth dba

In this conversation, you will present the personalized shield you created to your instructor and discuss Beowulf, Emerson’s “Heroism,” andMacbeth. (Shield is at the bottom)

Your presentation should be a formal description and explanation of the ideas and symbols you have used. For example, you may wish to incorporate phrases like these in your presentation:

  • In the upper/lower, right/left corner, I…
  • This color is meaningful to me because…
  • This symbol represents…
  • I used this symbol because…
  • Overall, this shield represents me because…

Once you have gathered your notes and prepared for your presentation, write your Discussion-Based Assessment. You should complete this assessment before moving on to the next lesson.

Discussion-Based Assessment

Writing Prompt: Choose one reading from the module.(Macbeth) From this reading, choose a quote that you feel is reflective of the lesson theme. Explain how the quote is significant to the theme, and how you can relate the message of the quote to yourself or to the world around you.


  • Three well written paragraphs that explain how your quote is representative of the module theme.
  • One example that relates your quote to the other readings present in the module.
  • One example that links your quote to “real life.”

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