Management homework help

  • A paper (minimum 1,000 words) where you bring no less than three sources together in service of an argument of your creation.
    • This paper will also be in full APA style.
  • Your paper should contain no more than 15% quoted, paraphrased, and summarized material.
  • Each body paragraph should use two pieces of support for your argument. Each of these pieces of support should come from a different source.
    • Your ability to connect different sources and explain said connection, as it pertains to your argument, is key to success in this paper.
  • Submission order for the final research paper is:
    • Cover page
    • Abstract (150 words, this does not count toward your paper’s word count)
    • Research paper ( introduction, body, conclusion)
    • References
      • Only list the sources that you used in the paper
  • You will be assessed on:
    • Critical thinking
    • Argument construction and support
    • Analysis
    • Mechanics
  • A full rubric is posted in Bb.

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