Managing Diversity In Employment

The requirement is for an “Equality Audit” which should take place at an organisation of your choosing. The purpose of this assignment is to enable students to demonstrate understanding of equality and diversity initiatives in theory and in application in an organisational setting. The assignment is a critical assessment of your organisation with regard to its equality and diversity approach and policies, and discusses these in relation to the appropriate literature on equality and diversity policy. The total maximum word limit for this assignment is 4500 words, excluding references, any appendices, and bibliography. Most of the relevant readings appear under topics 4 – 6 but may also appear elsewhere. 1. Using Kirton and Greene’s Exhibit 8.3 (Type of Equality and Diversity Organisation) explain which type, if any, your organisation fits within the framework outlined, i.e. The Minimalist/Partial Organisation; The Compliant Organisation or The Comprehensive Proactive Organisation. You may find that the organisation does not “fit” ideally into one or other, as there may be overlap, as the organisation may have characteristics from more than one type. Explain clearly the rationale for your description and conclusion. This is a minor part of the assignment and will probably account for 3 pages. 2. Drawing upon and incorporating the literature on equality/diversity policy, and the specific policy examples, conduct an equality “audit” within the organisation which – for example – describes and analyses: a) The distribution of staff in the various levels and occupations within the organisation (approximate) in terms of gender, race/nationality, disability etc. b) The specific policies and procedures in place with regard to equality and diversity initiatives. c) Discuss issues with regard to implementation of equality/diversity policies, including any “intangible” elements and challenges (e.g. organisational culture; management commitment). d) Summarise your audit and critically analyse the organisation’s success overall in promoting Read More …


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