Marketing Critical Thinking Case Study


  1. The purpose of this exercise is to help you develop and understand your empirical and quantitative skills, your critical thinking skills, and your business writing skills.
    To those ends, aspects of the exercise tap your abilities in the following areas:

    1. Your ability to discern relevant facts or data.
    2. Your ability to evaluate (process, synthesize, or manipulate) relevant facts or data.
    3. Your ability to deduce conclusions (interpret) or contextual information from relevant facts or data.
    4. Your ability to identify primary problems or needs from a situation or set of information.
    5. Your ability to interpret data, needs, problems, and parameters associated with a situation.
    6. Your ability to elucidate assumptions you make as well as to identify contextual characteristics and limitations associated with the data you used to evaluate the situation.
    7. Your ability to construct a presentation that advocates a solution to a key problem or need.
    8. Your ability to project the benefits of suggested solutions—its effects on parties involved
  2. How the FedEx Office Exercise works: Read the case study carefully before you begin this exercise. You will be given a case to read. Be sure to read the exercise carefully—taking as much time as you believe is necessary. The case will:

Specify your role; who your client is; and contain data as to the situation your client faces.
Then, determine the relevant facts or data from the description of the situation. Drawing from the facts you have selected, specify the problems that your client, its employees, or to your client’s customers are facing, remembering to focus only on the problems that your product or service can solve.

Considering the facts or situational parameters you selected and the problems you have deduced from those facts or situational parameters, estimate the larger implications associated with the problems the client presently faces.
Present solutions that your product or service can offer and provide detailed explanations on how the solution applies.

Relate the benefits of your solution to the specific beneficiary – your client, its employees, or the client’s customers.

You will
will present your analysis with the following sections:

have to organize the analysis based on the format presented in class by the instructor. You

  1. SITUATION: Relevant Facts (separate section for seller and buyer)
  2. PROBLEMS: Analysis of Global Training Associates’ Problems
  3. IMPLICATIONS: Larger, Future Implications if Problems Are Not Solved
  4. SOLUTIONS: FedEx Office Solutions for the Specified Global Training Associates Problems
  5. BENEFITS: Benefits of the FedEx Office Solutions to Global Training Associates

SPIN questions are included at the end of the Situation, Problems, and Implications sections but should only be created after the analysis for each of these sections has been completed.