Media Audiences

This assessment item assesses your understanding of the material covered in the first six weeks of the unit. Please answer TWO of the following questions with each answer approximately 750 words in length. 1.      Ross and Nightingale argue ‘audience research is a vehicle for monitoring the impact of both the mediatisation of human senses and the industrialisation of the productive capacity of the media’ (2003:13). Using examples, briefly discuss the term mediatisation. 2.      Briefly define and compare the ‘magic bullet’ or ‘hypodermic’ model of media research with the ‘encoding – decoding’ model of media research. Please use examples in your answer. 3.      What does an ethnographic approach to audience research involve? Briefly discuss how this approach compares with other approaches to audience study and briefly outline the strengths and weaknesses of this approach in audience research. 4.      Briefly discuss arguments for and against using television ratings to measure television audiences. Use examples to substantiate your argument. 5.      Marxist media theorists discuss the media in terms of their role as ‘ideological apparatuses’. Explain the key notions behind this research, paying particular attention to the concept of hegemony and the media’s role within it. What is ‘hegemony’, and why is it important to media audience studies? 6.      To what extent are our ideas about the audience dependent on technology, and how are new technologies challenging traditional models of audience research?  Use examples to substantiate your argument. Referencing: Remember to cite all sources, to reference your work and to place one list of all references used at the end of your paper. Please access the Griffith University ‘Referencing Tool’ via the Griffith University library and follow the AGPS Harvard style. At this level of study we expect students to include a range of scholarly sources including peer-reviewed journal articles, text-books and reputable websites. File type Read More …


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