mention the role the usa will play in resolving the situation

After reviewing the UN Sustainable Development Goals draft policy that would potentially resolve your concern(s) as it/they exists in another country or region around the world[e.g. of regions: Central America, Caribbean, South America, Africa, Middle East, Europe, Asia, Oceania, Islands, Antarctica, or the Artic]. Once this concern(s) has been identified, mention the role the USA will play in resolving the situation.

Determine which approach is most effective to accomplish desired impact (social or economic policy), and identify: 1) your goal [Agenda Setting]; 2) who would promote your policy proposal [Adoption]; 3) who would benefit; and 4) who would absorb accrued expenses?

Identification of the preferred type of policy (e.g. crisis, strategic, -OR- structural defense policy) while responding to this prompt should aid in providing clear, concise propositions, therefore should be included as part of your recommendation. Consider the sections below as the categories in which your policy proposal should be constructed. And finally, remember to incorporate the general requirements as listed within the course syllabus (pg. 2).

agenda setting





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