Methods in Behavioral Research, Ch. 4

Which of the listed variables does a researcher mainly use in his or her approach with intent to establish validity – specifically, construct validity?


·         independent variable

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·         confounding variable

·         dependent variable

·         participant variable

·         extraneous variable

·         third variable




Instructions: With our engagement in this discussion we will likely touch upon learning objectives/competencies 2.2 and 2.4 as dependent upon the various variable selections and replies. (a) Please briefly define the two concepts (variable type(s) selected from the list and construct validity) using our text by Cozby and Bates (2015) or another credible source. (b) Then, support your view of the two concepts as regards to my question with an example from research related to your topic of interest within psychology. The participation rubric is in the Instructor Policy document.  Word count range: 500 excluding citations of your sources.