mini research report

mini research report, writing homework help

The first page should state only your “big topic,” or researchable question that you would write the complete research paper about.

The second page should state:

1.The final narrow topic you chose to write about

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2.Your preliminary thesis

The body of the report must be 1-2 pages in length.The report must have a minimum of three in  text citation(1+ per argument)The report must have a separate, finalized Works Cited page,with all sources given in proper MLA format and listed in alphabetical order in the standard manner

BIG RESEARCH Question :What effect has Title IX Education Amendments of 1972 had on men’s and women’s sports at the high school and college levels?

Narrower Questions:


  • How has Title IX affected athletic programs in my state?
  • How has Title IX affected major sports such as basketball and football?
  • How has Title IX affected minor sports such as swimming?
  • How has Title IX affected the availability of scholarships?
  • How has Title IX affected funding for sports?
  • How do high school coaches react to Title IX?
  • How do college coaches react to Title IX?
  • What important court cases involve Title IX issues?
  • What injustices have resulted because of Title IX issues?

please use any one of the narrower question for the report.