Multiple Intelligences & Memory Impairment

Multiple Intelligences & Memory Impairment

Discussion 1

Find and share a website or video about a case of memory impairment. Provide a brief explanation of the impairment and what you learned from the case. Feel free to use a hashtag, such as the topic of your post.


Topic: Multiple intelligences.


Review and select at least three of the articles listed for Week 5 to inform your paper. You do not need to locate additional articles, although you may use sources that are not included in the provided reading lists.

Follow the assignment instructions to organize your paper using APA style in-text citations and a reference list (see below).

?ener, S., & Çokçal??kan, A. (2018). An investigation between multiple intelligences and learning styles [PDF]Journal of Education and Training Studies, 6(2), 125–132. Available from…

Bordei, S. (2017). How can one possibly determine the multiple intelligences? Journal Plus Education / Educatia Plus, 18(2), 204–212.

Shearer, B. (2018). Multiple intelligences in teaching and education: Lessons learned from neuroscienceJournal of Intelligence, 6(3), 1–8. doi:…

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