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Name Professor Course title Date Penelope in the Odyssey and the PenelopiadThe Odyssey and the Penelopiad introduce to us a female character named Penelope who is wife to the great king of Ithaca Odysseus. Penelope as presented in both poems is a strong-willed woman whose loyalty and love for both her husband and her son has led her to grow into quite the controversial character. She embodies the features of a wise and strong woman and the writer even refers to her throughout the poem as “Wise Penelope.” A conflicting viewpoint of Penelope is given in the Odyssey after the birth of her son her husband Odysseus goes to fight the Trojan war. She is left to nurse a small boy by herself and as well runs an entire estate left to her by her husband. In the difference is In the Odyssey she is not wise nor concerned about herself and her wellbeing only that of the estate her husband and her family or as most would say her high position in the Kingdom of Ithaca. Her Penelopiad shows a woman who decided to be honest and put herself first now that she sees everything clearly and knows the reason behind everything. She has become awakened to the truth behind every event that happened in her life and she is more vocal about her shortcomings and her triumphs. Reference Howells Coral Ann. “Five Ways of Looking at’The Penelopiad’.” Sydney Studies in English 32 (2008). Thornton Agathe. People and themes in Homer’s Odyssey. Vol. 3. Routledge 2015. “The Penelopiad Summary From Litcharts | The Creators Of Sparknotes”. Litcharts 2018 Accessed 22 Mar 2018. []

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In this paper, your job is to compare the presentation/interpretation of any character in the Odyssey with the presentation/interpretation of that character in The Penelopiad or in any of the poems: Tennyson, “Ulysses,” Cavafy, “Ithaca,” A.E. Stallings, “The Wife of the Man of Many Wiles,” Katerina Anghelaki-Rooke, “Penelope Says,” and Yannis Ritsos, “Penelope’s Despair.”

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