Naturalistic idea of uncontrollable fate

Naturalistic idea of uncontrollable fate

Over the past three units, you’ve read a large selection of poetry. In this assignment, you’ll create a poem. Although there are a few specific elements that you must include, you should be creative and address a specific topic that is meaningful to you. You may choose the style of your poem. It could be a sonnet, a dramatic monologue, an ode, an elegy, a lyric poem, or your own style.

Your poem must be at least 12 lines long.

You must use some form of rhyme scheme.

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The poem should depict a theme of the Victorian era, such as optimism for a changing society, a realistic view of the world, or the Naturalistic idea of uncontrollable fate.

In your poem, use strong imagery to describe the setting, AND at least one other literary element, such as metaphor, onomatopoeia, personification, etc.

Be sure to give your poem a creative title that suits the ideas of the poem.

You will submit your poem as an attachment to preserve any line spacing you choose to use. T