Nervous System and Physical Exercise

Nervous System and Physical Exercise


The nervous system is a very intricate arrangement of cells, tissue layers, and chemicals (salts), that not only are responsible for receiving every form of environmental sensation (receiving information) that we can obtain, but also in responding (sending out information), by inducing muscular movements, and producing reactions to the received information. In brief, the nervous system generates electricity (An Action Potential) which is transported through neurons (cells of the nervous system – our wiring system), to convey the “receiving sensory message”, or to convey directions to contract muscle for a specific physical response. Aside from you studying the Neuron, Action Potential, and the related functions of the Nervous System, an important aspect of related knowledge is knowing how to “improve our nervous system, to the limits that we can control.

Therefore Assignment #4 is as follows:

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Realizing that physical exercise provides many benefits to the human body, describe in two (2) ACCURATE examples, how physical exercise can specifically benefit or enhance the human nervous system. Your response should be accurate, thorough, and focused. Take your time and deliver a well-thought out response.