new brand market

The information regarding this company is attached. It’s a fitness center + day care + spa, and more, all in one location. The following needs to be addressed, first the environmental analysis, two single spaced paged regarding the marketing environment, then one page of the marketing objective.

Environmental Analysis (2 pages)

The Marketing Environment

Competitive Forces. What is the competitive structure of this market? Who are the leader and followers? What are the competitive positions of the major players? What are their strengths and weaknesses? What response can we expect from our competition if we change our marketing mix? How does the structure of the industry affect competitive forces in the industry?

Economic Forces. What is the general economic condition of the country, region, state, or local area? Are the consumers optimistic or pessimistic about the economy? What is the buying power of consumers in our target market(s)? What are the current spending patterns of consumers in the target market(s)?

Sociocultural Forces. How are society’s demographics and values shifting? What opportunities and effect will these changes have on our operations? What is the general attitude of society about the industry, company, and product(s)? What consumer or environmental groups could intervene in the operations of the industry or company? What ethical issues should we address?

Technological Forces. What impact has changing technology had on our target market(s)? What technological changes will affect the way we operate or manufacture our products? What technological changes will affect the way we conduct marketing activities? Do any technological advances threaten to make our product(s) obsolete?

Political Forces. Have recent elections changed the political landscape? What type of industry controls do our new elected officials favor? Legal and Regulatory Forces. What changes in federal, state, or local government regulation are being proposed that would affect the way we operate?

Marketing Objectives (1 page)

What is the specific and measurable outcome and time frame for completing this objective? How does this objective take advantage of a strength or opportunity? How does this objective convert a weakness or threat? How is this objective consistent with the firm’s goals and mission?

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