Non-Pharmacological Management of Hypertension Essay

Non-Pharmacological Management of Hypertension Essay

The Topic is Implementation of Nonpharmacological management of Geriatric hypertension in a skilled nursing facility. The Goal is to reduce hypertension, cardiovascular complication, effective outcome. The objective is to prove that exercise, diet and healthy lifestyle can improve, save cost and manage HTN in the elderly patient.


It has been reported that hypertension is one of the most common issue which is prevalent in United States among older adults above the age of 65year. The count is expected to enhance by 20% in the year 2050 which requires a proper management (Li et al., 2021). The below paper will discuss about intervention which will be effective in reducing hypertension.

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Research question- Does implementation combined intervention of exercise and dietary management helps in lowering hypertension among older adult in nursing home?

PICOT question

Population- Elderly population Or Older Adult

Intervention- Combined diet and exercise intervention for older adult above the age of 60.

Comparison- Usual care such as providing the patient with medication

Outcome- Reduction of hypertension

Time- 3 month

Search strategies- The search strategies which is utilised for collecting articles are- “Older Adult AND hypertension”, “Exercise AND Hypertension”, “Physical exercise OR hypertension”, “Dietary Management AND hypertension”. The Boolean operator AND and OR is used for including papers in the study.

Search databases– The search database or engines used in this stud are- “NCBI”, “Google Scholar”, “Elsevier”, “PubMed”. The articles published in English between the year 2016 to 2021 is included in the study.

Evidence based solution

Lopes et al., (2018) stated that exercise is one of the most effective intervention which helps in managing hypertension. The study highlighted that physical activity such as light exercise training for older adult helps in reducing the stiffness of the blood vessel and ultimately manages the systolic and diastolic pressure.  The exercises along with Lifestyle intervention purchase aerobic exercise helps in reducing blood pressure among the patient. Carpio-Rivera et al., (2016) stated that exercise intervention helps in lowering the systole and diastole pressure and the timing of exercise influences its effectiveness with reduction of hypertension.  The study highlighted that exercise intervention must be provided to the patient which not only reduce hypertension but will also help in maintaining body balance and maintaining a proper body mass index.  Hence in this case physical intervention will help in managing hypertension among the older adults in healthcare organisation.

Nursing Intervention

The nurse plays an essential role for providing the patient with proper multi-disciplinary approach which not only helps in managing hypertension but also improve the quality of life.  The nurse in this case must communicate with the patient for suggesting the patient with proper dietary intervention along with physical exercise which will lower the blood pressure.  Similarly, then ask must provide proper attention in providing physical activity as it might increase the risk of fall among the patient.  The nurse must educate the patient about the importance of maintaining light physical activities which will not only help in lowering blood pressure but it will also enhance the muscle strength (Iellamo et al., 2021).  The nurse must guide the patient step by step in maintaining physical activity which will help in managing the blood pressure level.

Health agency

            The organisation must implement policies for caring older adult which will help in improving the quality of care. The patient must be provided with proper guidelines about the benefit of intervention for enhancing knowledge.

Nursing Practice

            The nurse must maintain a proper documentation process and assess the vital for understanding the blood pressure level of the older adult. The nurse must assess the patient’s fluid balance in order to determine the effectiveness of the intervention (Sardeli et al., 2021).


The above paper discussed about the exercise intervention for lowering blood pressure. Exercise intervention helps in lowering the systole and diastole pressure and the timing of exercise influences its effectiveness with reduction of hypertension. The study also discussed about nursing practice which is essential for delivering care to the older adult.




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