Not sure where to begin, it is so much information is it asking me to create a spread sheet

Not sure where to begin, it is so much information is it asking me to create a spread sheet first then answer the

questions? or just answer how I would do the process? trying to practice for the final and it seems like I would be given a worksheet but not sure.

You work for a local construction firm “DeVry Engineering Group” and your supervisor, Jessica, needs an updated earned value analysis index of the prior month for an existing capital project (0000001) that has a current Budget at Completion (BAC) of $1500.00, a current earned value of (EV) of $300, a current actual cost (AC) of $500.00, and a current planned value (PV) of $350.00. In order to calculate the current average index, assume the following variables and standard formulas below: Cost Variance (CV) EV–AC Cost Performance Index (CPI) EV/AC Schedule Variance (SV) EV–PV Schedule Performance Index (SPI) EV/PV Estimate to Completion (ETC) EAC–AC Estimate at Completion (EAC) BAC/CPI Variance at Completion (VAC) BAC–EAC Status (Earned Value Index) (EVI) (CPI+SPI)/2 Also assume that a final calculated average index of 1.00 or greater represents a project being on track and in good standing. In addition, there could be several options for the descriptive methods to design this worksheet and below is a worksheet setup with the following “3” columns including any other needed top labels like for the existing Month already calculated.

Based on the current calculated earned Status (Earned Value Index) for work order 0000001, is the current capital project in good standing? Your supervisor, Jessica, wants the worksheet, on row 16 or 17, to automatically provide a project status as being “In the Red” (Poor Standing) or “In the Black” (Good Standing). Explain descriptively how you could use a conditional formula to report the project status. Your Supervisor, Jessica, has 3 additional projects with work orders, 0000002, 0000003, and 0000004 she wants added to this Excel Workbook where each work order is monitored on a separate worksheet like work order 0000001. Jessica would like to have a summary worksheet which compiles all information for all work orders. The overall design of the summary worksheet will match the same general design as with work orders 0000001 through 0000004. Descriptively describe steps needed to link these worksheets together along with any ideas for formulas and functions to give an overall picture of all project work orders combined so that Jessica can see an overall holistic view of the Status (Earned Value Index) across all these work orders being managed. Based on the summary worksheet, Jessica, would like to see a chart which can help with future projections of the Status (Earned Value Index). Descriptively describe which chart you would recommend with any features that will help Jessica with future projections. Also using your intuition and creative mind, descriptively describe if any other information needs to be charted from the summary worksheet which may help Jessica with future cost projections and why

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