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Purpose: This assignment is designed for students to indicate if crime is increasing and decreasing in U.S. society.  The assignment will allow students to use statistically information to determine the rates of different types of crime.  Students will use the U.S. Department of Justice–Uniform Crime Report to determine increase or decrease of crime rates.
Task: Students will need to the following:
1.      You will need to visit the following website: U.S. Department of Justice    If the link does not work, use the following

2.      Once you are in the website, Choose:  United States-Total.

3.      Next, choose:  Number of violent crimes 

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4.      Next, choose: Years from 2004 to 2014

5.      Then, click on Get Table 

6.    Respond to the following questions—make sure to explain the data using percentages, the responses for  section I & II  need to include the percentage in regard to crime rates.  When calculating the percentage, you will need to just use the information about the Violent Crime Total (don’t use the numbers for the population)


Section I. 

  1. What does the data indicate about overall Violent Crime (make sure to use percentages to describe the data)?
  2. What does the data indicate about Murder and nonnegligent manslaughter (make sure to use percentages to describe the data)?
  3. There is an increase when it comes to the crime of rape—explain about the revised definition of rape and how this might have contributed to an increase in the number of rape crimes (please do not re-write the revised definition).

Section II.

Now, you can choose any StateType of crime (violent or property crime) and explain what the data indicates–make sure to use calculate the percentages:

4.  Indicate the state you chose.

5.  Indicate the type of crime your chose.

6.  And what the data indicates (make sure to use percentages to describe the data).

Based on your findings from both Section I & II:

7.  Which type of data is being used to indicate whether overall crime rates are increasing or decreasing, primary data or secondary data, make sure to explain your choice.

8.  Does the data indicate that crime rates are increasing or decreasing?

9.  Do the findings about crime rates surprise you?  Please explain your response.

10.  Why does it appear that most of society would believe that crime rates are increasing?

Criteria For Success: Respond to all questions in complete sentence