Nursing homework help

The assignment must be 2-3 pages (not counting resources & title page)
 Name of the author (s), title of the article, type of journal, volume number, date, and page numbers.
 A paragraph abstract of the article to summarize the essential content/ideas.
 A paragraph describing your view of the article’s balance. Did the writer address
both sides of the issue? Was there bias involved and if so, slanted towards
which side? What is your evidence of this bias or imbalance?
 A paragraph describing your opinion of the article’s quality and your own position:
o Did the writer do sufficient research?
o Is the article technically correct and clearly presented and supported?
o Are there elements of the argument that could have been enhanced with

more detail or more argumentation?
o What would a follow-up article contain to be useful to this one?o Did you agree with the article?

o Did it support or change your opinion? If not, then why?

Please find article attached, it must be written in APA format.


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