Online Harassment of Female Gamers Sociology Discussion

Online Harassment of Female Gamers Sociology Discussion




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What was your reaction to the online harassment of female  gamers and of women who critique video games, as described in this post?  Think of another example of women experiencing harassment when they  enter male-dominated institutions from the past or present. Why do you  think that male-dominated institutions have so often resisted female  integration? Reply to at least two other classmates.

Gloria Njoku


Oct 18 at 4:59pm

I was disgusted, angry, and annoyed by the opposition to the Anita Sarkeesian documentary. I am so offended that someone did a cartoon of her tied up and naked and getting raped. That was horrible. There are sick people out there. This was where there must be more monitoring. The article stated that her blog and Facebook account were overwhelmed with sexist images. I did not see that things have gotten any better over the last few years. I don’t understand narrow-mindedness. There are harassment hotlines that I hope are helping.

Yes, I can think of an example of a woman who experiences harassment when entering a male-dominated institution. There are few women in the male-dominated world of automotive. There has been little movement in numbers over the last several years. They are given lower-level jobs to do, such as work the phones and the front desk. They have reported that sexual harassment on the job has increased. Several years ago, when I was in high school, only boys were allowed to attend auto mechanics classes. If a girl wanted to enter on one was allowed per class, and you had to write a two-page essay as to why you wanted to attend and wait for approval from the instructor or was pretty much against girls attending the class.

I believe that male-dominated institutions have so often resisted female integration because of the people at the top. They are usually older white conservative males who often don’t want change. Change is slow to happen. People often hold onto their beliefs. My dad had those conservative views on the place of women. He believed women and go out and get jobs and college educations, but those jobs had their place in society. Women had to have time to go home and take care of the household, cook, and care for the kids and husbands. He never changed. Thank goodness we have the right to vote. If only more of us would.


Daisy Cholico


Oct 19 at 3:58pm

Honestly it’s sad to say that I’m not surprised. Women are criticized for practically anything and everything. It’s not to say men aren’t also criticized, but I just feel like women especially deal with so much more. I’m just disgusted that some men can be so disrespectful to women when they literally grew inside a woman’s body for 9 months. One case that really moved me was the death of Vanessa Guillen, a Fort Hood soldier. She was first reported missing in April of 2020, but later found dismembered and burned at the end of June. Her murderer was another soldier, Aaron Robinson. It’s safe to say that the military is a male-dominated institution. This leads me to the harassment women face in the military at the hands of men, the sexual crimes committed that go unnoticed or ignored. Vanessa Guillen herself was sexually assaulted but never reported it out of fear of retaliation. There are so many cases of women experiencing harassment in male dominated institutions and institutions in general where they either aren’t believed, or they are ignored and not dealt with. The fact that some men justify and defend the actions of other men against women and joke about it as if it wasn’t a serious topic also really angers me. I have trouble understanding why male-dominated institutions resist female integration and harass women because I don’t want to assume that all men act a certain way against women because that is not the truth. However, the men that do resist female integration in male-dominated institutions might just come from the ideology that men are superior to women. Simple as that, some men just want to feel they have the power over a woman and they don’t like for a woman to be capable of doing what they are doing and possibly being better than them. It could also be because they have a a certain perception of women being emotional, weak, moody, etc that they see as a reason for resisting female integration.