only tutors with experience with the business strategy game company analysis

I need someone who understands and has experience with BSG Game strategy. The below are heading and so make reference to my decisions made. I will also provide screenshots that may help. This will only be up to year 20.


Based on the data in the simulation, provide an analysis in the following areas that can be used to steer the company’s strategy. Take Porter’s Generic Competitive Strategies into consideration when conducting your evaluation.

Product Designs: determine the quality and performance features. They impact production costs by raising or lowering specifications, increasing or decreasing annual expenditures for product. How might these decisions impact product quality and operations?

Marketing & Promotions per Market: How might these decisions impact wholesale prices and market share? What type of marketing should be done in each market?

Labor and Compensation: determine the appropriate work force levels and compensation, training and productivity improvement. How might these decisions impact productivity in workers? What types of incentives are available for workers? How will this affect worker loyalty and productivity?

Corporate Social Responsibility and Citizenship: determine what type of company and environment initiatives will be in the best interest for the company. How might these decisions impact the product and company reputation? How important is a company’s reputation in business?

Finance and Cash Flows: determine the financial health of your organization concerning outstanding shares and debt. How might the company finance expansion and maintain financial health? How will issuing dividends and shares impact the financial outlook of the company?

What I have started that could be used possibly:CSR speaks to who the company is. For Company B, it was decided to use of recycled packaging materials to box each pair of athletic footwear even though it increased packaging cost. It was also decided to invest in Energy Efficiency Initiatives which to improve energy efficiency and use renewable energy sources which would positively impact the waste and carbon foot print of the company.This lowered my costs the following year and also improved my image rating once in effect. Charitable Contributions were made over over the duration of the Company operation 1 or more charities were chosen. The amount of charities donations were made to depended on the available cash.

I will attach the results after ending the simulation for all decisions, Highlights, and the last year’s financials to answer the above.