Operations Management homework help

• Review of paper in max 1500 words by answering the
question which has been set for this case study.
• Write paper in essay format
– Short introduction (what is the paper talking about)
– Body : The longest part of the paper
• Your view and analysis of what was interesting in the paper – why
it was interesting, did you agree or disagree with the points you
chose to discuss, cite some evidence from secondary research to
make your point
– Conclusion
• Implications for marketing management, lessons to be learnt and
implications for industry practice (do not just repeat the
recommendation from the paper – justify your recommendation
from your analysis and research)
4 Marketing environment LB5202 Marketing Management 3
Additional information (1)
• Secondary research (where to look)
– Market research reports
– Newspaper reports and articles
– Other journal articles
– Databases for relevant trends (what other elements are relevant to successful
marketing today)
• How to use & reference secondary research
– For example while citing data:[According to Mintel (2018) report on consumer
uptake…56 % of consumers.] The reference for this citation is as follows:
• Mintel (2018) ‘Consumer trends in Social Medial usage – November 2018’
Retrieved from Retrieved from http://academic.mintel.com
– While citing another journal article [‘Albaum, Strandsov and Duerr (1994) have
described the sales response function…..]. The reference for this citation is as
• Albaum, G.A., Strandskov, J., Duerr, E., Dowd, L. (1994), International
Marketing and Export Management, New York: Addison-Wesley
• How to use & reference secondary research
– If your secondary sources are not acknowledged they will be considered as
plagiarized for which there are severe penalties.
4 Marketing environment LB5202 Marketing Management 4
Additional information (2)
• Proof read your essays thoroughly
• Use tables, diagrams and further analysis of
data to support your recommendations
• Give page numbers
• Double or 1.5 spacing between sentences for
ease of reading and marking
• DO NOT use bullet points in any part of the

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