opportunities for swot analysis

I have an assignment for my Healthcare Management class. It is a SWOT analysis. I have the opportunities part. I have listed seven opportunities below that need explaining for. My project is about Hospice Care so I have to explain the seven opportunities that are for hospice care. The paper has to be in APA format and for each opportunity has to have a 10 sentence description for it. I do not need a cover page, however I do need a reference page. For my references, they have to be peer reviewed academic journals located in my schools website. Below I will indicate the steps on how to access the journals and my username information.

Step one: Go to Towson.edu

Step two: on the top right corner it says library. Click library.

Step three: Once you clicked library it takes you to cook library. Then there you see the search bar and you can search what you need.

Step Four: Once you searched the topic, results will pop up. On the left you will see a section that says “Limit to,” you will have to click on peer reviewed.

Step Five: Below that it says “Format” you have to click academic journals.

Some journals will need my username so if they require that let me know and I will give that information to you. Thank you!

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