Organizational Behavior Program

Organizational Behavior Program

Searching through companies that advertise their means of motivation and place them on the company’s page or advertise them in articles as a way to promote the company and attract qualified employees. Defects, your opinion, creativity and your suggestions for new motivation tools)))

Using a search engine, locate web sites on the Internet for words and phrases Such as: incentives, rewards, bonuses, and employee incentives. From Among the sites you find, pick out a small number (i.e., 3-5) that appear to be For firms that are trying to sell or otherwise promote rewards and incentives That they will supply.
Follow-up: Using the web site information you have found, make a list
Of the five most unusual or unique incentives that you identified.
Finally, respond to the following instructions and questions:
1. Relate each incentive to one or more employee needs.
2. Evaluate the likely effectiveness of each incentive.
3. What are the relative strengths and weaknesses of each of the
4. Did learning about any of these incentives trigger ideas for other? Incentives that you had not thought of before?

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