Our concept of old age is changing

Our concept of old age is changing

1.    Our concept of old age is changing. Previously older adults were either taken into their children’s homes or placed in a nursing home. Today, older adults are opting to stay in their homes with help, living in adult communities, or living in assisted living facilities. What effects do these changes have on older people? How do you think these changes have affected our concept of aging and growing old?


2.    Discusses some potential options for slowing down the aging process, what are some of these options? How do they slow aging?

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3.    Erickson believed that old age is a time during which we look back on our lives to reflect on what we have accomplished with the recognition that we are unable to really do things differently. Do you agree with Erickson’s opinion? Why or why not? If you were to write your own obituary prior to your death during old age, what would you write?


4.    Consider the rituals, such as wakes, that are a part of death and burial. Why are they important in the grieving process?


5.    Conduct a brief research session to find your culture and other culture’s views of death. What are some cultural aspects of death and how do these affect a person’s acceptance of death? What are some of the differences regarding death between your culture and another culture?


6.     What are Kubler Ross’ stages of grieving? Why are these stages different for different people?