Outline the first phase of the DMAIC process

This tollgate will outline the first phase of the DMAIC process for the problem you identified.Apply the first step of the DMAIC cycle to your selected problem or process and document your results in the Milestone One Template PowerPoint. Each slide will provide further instructions to follow to complete this milestone.Ensure your problem statement addresses the following: states the problem, when it was observed, how long it has been occurring, and the business impact of not resolving it. Also complete a Supplier, Input, Process, Output, Customer (SIPOC) table and include your Voice of the Customer requirements translated to a measurable metric.Note: Your problem statement may be revised as you progress through later stages or receive feedback from your instructor.To complete this assignment, review theMilestone One Guidelines and Rubricdocument.

Files: QSO 360 Milestone One Guidelines and Rubric.pdf, qso360_milestone_one_template (1).pptx

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