PAPA Assignment Preview

PAPA Assignment Preview

Richard Mason’s ethical framework for information technology is well known for the acronym PAPA which stands for PRIVACY, ACCESSIBILITY, PROPERTY, and ACCURACY. You are going to create a PowerPoint where you will analyze the four areas of ethics (PAPA) in relation to your life as a student and an information technology professional.

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You must create 12 PowerPoint slides. You can use the attached example PAPA PowerPoint as a template or make one of your own but make sure you include all the requirements.
Number your slides
The first slide will be your title slide.and this will be where you will introduce to Richard Mason’s PAPA
The last will be your reference slide. APA format
You need 5 references (other than your text book)in APA format and at least two sources should be from a library resource subscription service from computer professional organizations (ex ACM, IEEE). You want articles that are peer reviewed. (Links to an external site.) When using the Wilmington University library databases be sure to look at Discovery How to guide (Links to an external site.) for help searching for peer reviewed articles. This page from The Owl (Links to an external site.)at the Purdue Writing Lab provides useful guidelines for evaluating sources. The Cornell library (Links to an external site.)provides literacy guidance in evaluating the credibility of web pages.
You must have one quote by Richard Mason from is 1986 original documentation.
Four slides defining each of the four areas of PAPA.
Five slides that demonstrate how PAPA relates to you as a student and IT professional citing specific examples from cases, laws, class discussions and current events.
The 11 th slide will be a conclusion or summary slide.The 12th slide will be your reference slide.
For grading expectations, view the PAPA Assignment rubric Preview the document

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