Parthenon Marbles

Write a 300 word paper discussing the Parthenon Marbles using the questions below.
What are they?
Who took them and why?
What condition were the marbles in when taken?
What would have happened to the marbles if they hadn’t been taken?
How are they housed and displayed now?
How would they be housed if returned? Would they be on display?
Without being emotional, take a side. If the intentions of removing artifacts from their places of origin are for conservation and education, should such artifacts be returned when situations improve in the places of origin?
Some things to consider when discussing the issue of returning artwork or cultural artifacts back to their rightful owners:
For example, should museums give back to descendants art stolen from the victims of the Holocaust? What if the art is now owned by private collectors? Should it still be returned?
What about the mummies on display in the British Museum? Should they be returned?
What if all museums were asked to give back things that they had acquired (bought or stolen) over time? Would they be able to do it? What would be the ramifications of this?
Come up with some other examples of the dilemmas involved in returning art and artifacts to rightful owners.
How do politics, history, and technology factor into ownership of works of art?
Make sure to cite your sources

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