Paulo Freire pedagogy of the oppressed

Paulo Freire pedagogy of the oppressed

2) Paulo Freire describes two forms of education in the second chapter of “Pedagogy of the Oppressed”.  First, provide a brief definition of both educational approaches as articulated by Freire.  Secondly, describe how these two forms of education differ from one another.  Lastly, connect these two educational methods to your lived experiences.  How have you encountered either in your life?  From your perspective, what are the strengths and weaknesses of each educational approach?  Are there situations or specific academic disciplines where you believe one approach may be more efficient than the other?  Would a hybrid of the two work under any circumstances?  (You do not need to answer all of these questions, they are just meant to help you develop your response to the final part of the prompt, connecting Freire’s concepts to your lived experiences!) 



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Answer one of the following prompts.  Approach the assignment as a personal reflection paper, a conversational piece that critically engages with the topics and ideas discussed during the first four weeks of the course.  I am looking for a thoughtful response that displays you have taken time to analyze the materials covered.  Draw from your lived experiences and connect your responses to your everyday, concrete realities.  Consider the lens through which you view the world, the way you feel, see and experience reality. [Provide at least 2-3 direct quotations from the text under consideration in your response!!]