personality assignment no plagiarizing please any resources welcome otherwise

Please answer the following questions about each of the following personality perspectives:

  • trait
  • psychodynamic
  • humanistic-existential
  • social-cognitive)

(a) Explain the key idea of how each perspective above understands personality (8 points; 2 points each).

(b) What is one concept within each perspective that you believe is the most important to knowing who someone is? Identify and define this concept (8 points; 2 points each).

(c) If you were in charge of hiring a new employee or on a speed date to find a romantic partner, how would you learn about (i.e., measure) the specific perspective concept you selected above? Be specific! (2 points).

You will need to use the following format for your writing (2 pt):

Introduction paragraph (at least 3 sentences): Includes an introduction of personality.

    • Paragraph 1 (6-8 sentences): Summary explaining each personality perspective (section a above).
    • Paragraph 2 (6-8 sentences): Summary explaining one concept within each perspective (section b above).
    • Paragraph 3 (6-8 sentences): Summary explaining how you would learn about the person (section c above).
    • Conclusion paragraph (at least 3 sentences): A summary of the concepts that you covered in the your paper.

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